Joining Baros

Check out our practices now! (Step-by-step plan)
Step 1: Join a practice . Check out our practice schedule. You can join a free practice at Baros, but in order for you to enter the sportshall, you’ll need to purchase a ErasmusSports daypass for 6E at the desk.
Step 2: Discover and realize that EBV Baros is the club for you this season!
Step 3: Email [email protected] about the possibility to join a team. Don’t go to step 4 before you do this!!
Step 4:  Register as a competition or practice member using our online registration form

NOTICE!!!: Don’t registrate through this link BEFORE you’ve talked to someone from the board who told you to sign in.

We sometimes struggle to have a spot for every basketbal-enthusiast. So we will first have to find you a spot before you sign in.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the cost to be a EBV Baros member?
  • Is it mandatory to have a Erasmus Sports pass?
    • Yes, either with/-out fitness
  • Until when can I cancel my registration?
    • The deadline to cancel your registration is either before the 23rd of September. After this deadline, 1 week post filling in the form is the latest when you can cancel your registration.

Baros members pay a contribution fee each season. De amount of the fee depends on the team that your joining.