Where can you find us?

Free parking at K.P. van der Mandelelaan and Max Euwelaan (weekdays after 18:00 and during the weekends).

For direct contact with the EBV Baros board: Contact the secretary. You will be linked to the right person. 

EBV Baros proudly presents the board of 2021/2022

Koen Slinger                                                     
[email protected]                        

Michael Kok
[email protected]

Game commissioner                                     
Tristan Dieles & Julia van Stenis                             
[email protected] 

Public Relations commissioner
Priscilla Kluis
[email protected]

Activities Committee
John Frick & Ditto Praditya
[email protected]

Technical Committee
[email protected]

Baros International Tournament (BIT) Committee
[email protected]